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Romanovs do not claim restitution

Son of Romanov Imperial House Head, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanov Grand Duke George said in an interview with columnist Interfax Paul Koryashkinu that the investigation of the death of the last Emperor and his family must be renewed

- Why Romanov Imperial House is not moving to Russia?
- In order Romanov Imperial House finally returns home as a historic institution, it is necessary to resolve some legal issues associated with the attitude of the modern state and the historic dynasty. We absolutely have no political and property claims. We respect the Constitution and the existing state power, trying to help it no matter what.
But we also believe that it is fair to have respect to the status of the dynasty, which we have not begun, and we do not end. It is common international practice. Dynasties deprived of political power continue to play an important role in public life of Republican states such as France, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and many others. There is nothing extraordinary in it, so I am confident that in the near future solution will be found in Russia.
Regarding each of us personally - my mother, Head of the Romanov House, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, me and my grandmother, Grand Duchess Leonida Georgiyevna, then since 1991 we have regularly come to the Motherland, and together and separately. In 1992 we received Russian passports.
Every year visits to Russia are becoming more frequent. In 2008 my long-standing desire was realized, and I now represent the interests of Russian producers in the European Union. Our office operates in Moscow we trying to develop various charitable and cultural projects. So the process of reintegration of the dynasty in the life of modern Russia is now constantly evolving and taking new forms.

- When will be putting an end to the question of the authenticity of the remains found near Yekaterinburg?
- Unfortunately, in this case arose too much confusion. A number of serious violations were admitted in the process of identifying the Yekaterinburg remains. Much evidence suggests that the commission pursued not the truth, but prepared political show to a certain date.
Burial of the remains took place in a hurry, despite the opinion of the Church and the Imperial House. Independent scientists formulated 10 questions. His Holiness Patriarch Alexei sent them to the commission in 1998 and had not received satisfactory answers. But these were issues that concern not only specialists, but the people, millions of believers. And who, if not the Church, was supposed to take care to reassure these people and not allow them to feel cheated? The commission was indifferent. Therefore, instead of an act of repentance and purification turned out a farce.

I think that now it is necessary to wait a while and then return to study this issue in a calm atmosphere. The examination must be objective and comprehensive. Its progress and results should be public, accessible to the scientific community, society, church and relatives. Only under these conditions can be given a definitive answer whether Yekaterinburg remains are sacred relics of the royal martyrs, or is it the ashes of some other victims of terror. In any case, these fossils must be treated with respect and should not become a bargaining chip in the various political games.

- Why Imperial Romanov House insists on reopening the criminal investigation of the murder of Nicholas II and his family?
- Firstly, the decision to discontinue criminal proceedings of the General Prosecutor''s Office ignored the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Court from 1 October 2008 that Czar Nicholas II and his family are victims not of "a criminal offense," but political repression of the totalitarian state. In the rule of law is inconceivable that the General Prosecutor''s Office was not considered of the highest court. Secondly, we believe that investigation, which lasted 16 years, should be brought to its logical conclusion, including on the issue, who, in fact, was buried next to our ancestors in St. Petersburg on 17 of July 1998.

- All members of the royal family, executed by the Bolsheviks after the Revolution, were rehabilitated. In Russia there are calls to rehabilitate members of white movement. What do you think about this?
- Each case should be dealt with accordance to the Law "About rehabilitation of victims of political repression, as it was done for our family. By law, all those who suffered political repression by class, social and religious grounds, should be rehabilitated. But we must remember that the Civil War - is a terrible fratricide, for which all parties have a share of responsibility, and both are victims. In the case of rehabilitation should be no revenge mood, but only the desire to restore justice and legality in relation to those who suffered innocently, without having committed any crime, only because of their beliefs, religion or origin.

- Do Romanovs have some kind of property, bank accounts abroad, inherited from members of the dynasty? On which means House of the Romanovs has charitable projects, supports the work of his office in Russia, foreign missions?
- After the revolution we have been deprived of all property and livelihood. My grandfather and grandmother were able to arrange their life in exile due to the testament of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. She was my grandmothers mother. It was not so much money, but when used judiciously, they helped to provide a modest but adequate standard in subsequent years.
Some assistance was provided by the faithful compatriots, also caught in a strange land, but managed to establish their business. For example, it was the remarkable Russian aircraft constructor Sikorsky. Now my mother has her own apartment in Madrid. This is the only property of our family. Unfortunately, we had to leave house in St. Briac. We were no longer able to maintain and repair it.
Now I earn money for the family life. Charitable and cultural events we can arrange through our personal involvement in charitable projects and assistance of friends. Office and its recently opened representation in Transnistria are working on a voluntary basis, through the work of our volunteer staff, without funding. And the official representation of the Imperial house abroad does not currently exist - there are individuals or groups who help us in distributing information and other social activities.

- How House of the Romanovs survived the Second World War? What it was doing? What is House of the Romanovs attitude to nobility representatives, who fought on the side of Germany? How was your grandfather, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich found together with the unit of the Wehrmacht, PHA Smyslovskogo, on the border with Liechtenstein?
- When the war started, my grandfather was 22 years. He lived in St. Briac and, thus, was on the territory occupied by Germany. The situation was extremely difficult, especially after Germany attacked the USSR. Many Russian immigrants believed that with the help of Germany it will be possible to defeat communism. But my grandfather, like his father, Emperor Cyril, always fundamentally rejected the bid for foreign intervention. Therefore, when the Germans and pro-German compatriots insisted on publication of statement in connection with the war, my grandfather was in an almost hopeless situation.
Refuse or to make anti-German demarche meant not only suicide, but also jeopardize the lives of many Russian people living in the occupied zone. Issued an appeal in favor of Germany - meant to renounce his views and support the invaders of native country. And my grandfather found the only possible way at the moment. He issued a short statement in which only stated the fact of the war and called on compatriots to seize the moment for the country''s liberation from communism. Here he is in no way go against his conscience, as called for to struggle against God-fighting communism always - even before the war, and during the war, and after the war. But he neither directly nor indirectly expressed support for the invaders, knowing very well that the Nazis are not going to liberate Russia from Communism and to enslave her. Germans are no longer trying to attract his grandfather on his side, and totally controlled him. However, there were aristocrats among the German officers who had a respect to the Russian Grand Duke and did not share Nazi views. Thanks to their support grandpa could help the Soviet prisoners of war in concentration camps in Saint-Malo and Jersey. He gave them food and toys for children, invited to them an Orthodox priest, Father John, who personally visited them and tried to cheer. It was very risky, but my grandfather could not do otherwise - they were his compatriots, and he used every opportunity to help them.
When German position began to deteriorate, they forced my grandfather to move to Paris and then to Germany, to his sister Mary Leyningenskoy. It happened before Allies landed. When Nazis finally collapsed, they were not up to oversee him. Then my grandfather wanted to return to France or travel to his family in Spain untouched by the war. The most secure way was through Austria and Switzerland. In the Austrian city of Feldkirch, where grandfather stayed, entered the French units of General LeClair.
Smyslovskii Army was in the same places because accidentally. Some dishonorable people try to use that fact to cast a shadow on the memory of his grandfather, that, ostensibly, he has been linked to the army, who fought in German uniforms. This is an absolute lie. The fact is that my grandfather was not let to pass through the territory of Liechtenstein, proves only confusion and chaos of wartime. After all Liechtenstein authorities let Smyslovskii Army to pass! If they avoided contact with the Allies, the Germans, then the chances would deny the military than civilians. This clearly indicates that the reason was not some reprehensible actions of grandfather, but the confusion of the situation.
Armed officers and soldiers in German uniforms crossed the border and received shelter. But grandfather and a group of civilians of Russian emigrants who accompanied him, returned to Austria. Reasonable explanation of the latter fact does not exist. Instead, the French, who were part of the anti-Hitler coalition, and hated the Nazis, helped my grandfather to draw up the documents and travel to Spain to his aunt Infant Beatriz.
The head of the Spanish State F. Franco hospitably received the head of Russian dynasty. Later grandfather lived alternately in Spain and France. Nobody ever even thought to blame him as collaborator. But French is still very sensitive to this issue. In the recently published book in France about the European dynasties "Little Gotha" states objectively and honestly: "During the war, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich refused to respond to the insistence of the Nazis who wanted to use it against the USSR. Released in 1945 by the allies, he soon settled in Spain with his aunt. "
When a grandfather for the first and only time came to Russia in 1991, among the first events he visited memorials of defenders of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War and honor the victims of the blockade of Leningrad. He was always a patriot and believed in his country. My grandfather understood the tragedy of Russian anti-communists, caught between the hammer and the anvil of two inhuman totalitarian regimes. But he never approved of the war with its own people and in no way tarnished the good name of our dynasty.

- Personal. Please tell us where do you work now?
- After graduating from Oxford, I spent several years in the European structures associated with transport and energy, security of nuclear production. But always wanted to find a job directly related to my Motherland. And, finally, the opportunity appeared. Since December 2008 I am an advisor to the Director-General of one of the largest Russian companies - Norilsk Nickel, and represent the company in European Nickel Institute. Thus, I am working in the field of protecting the interests of Russian producers in the European Union.
In April 2009, I went in Norilsk, met with the workers, descended into the mine and studied the main points of the process. It was an unforgettable experience. Communication with open, kind, courageous people strengthens the spirit and makes us work harder so to make their life better.

- What do you like to do in your free time, if you have it?
- I am doing sports, listening to music. I am interested in hunting. I love to travel. I like anything that broadens my mind and allows me to learn more about the world.

- Are you often in Russia?
- Not as often as desired. But several times a year - is necessary.

- What do you think of marriage? Is it easy to find a bride of royal blood?
- Like any normal person, I naturally want to have a family. I hope that the Lord will send me a life companion, with whom I will communicate the mutual love and respect, who will understand my position and my responsibilities. To find such a person is not easy for anyone, but I believe that the phrase stating that marriages are made in heaven - not an empty platitude.


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